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Gold short: (G.) is the currency in „Apprentice Arriving“. Naturally enemies don‘t drop Gold but consumables /  components which can be sold  at traders and merchants around the world. With Gold you can buy various Items and  Equipments.


In order to increase your character stats you have to set points for attributes. Each level up grants you 5 points that you can spend on an attribute of your choice.

Vitality = Hit Points (your maximum life energy)

Might = Physical Attack (the rough damage you deal with weapons)

Arcane = Magic Attack (the magical damage you deal with spells and enchanted weapons)

Defense = Physical Defense (the physical damage you can absorb which also adds up to Vitality)

Aura = Magic Defense (the magical damage you can absorb which also adds up

to element resistance)


Next to the Main Quest you can see here which quests you have. Sidequests are mostly given by NPC‘s in the world. Secret Quests are in most cases the hardest to complete as they demand to find hidden places, beat ridicolously tough enemies or solve difficult puzzles. However the Rewards are worth it.

Completed Quests will also show you which quests are currently activated by clicking on the button „UNCOMPLETED“.

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