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Legends and ballads barely utter the forgotten name of Maira. An ancient world of magic confined to oblivion, a place where everyone could live in harmony. A place with no frontiers.

A screenshot of the environment

Yet the blissful memory of this world was corrupted by a dark tale, dating back centuries. In this world, darkness crept in silently, an otherworldly presence that no one could see yet everyone would feel. Maira was on the brink of destruction. Chaos, confusion and distress stretched across the land, causing people to lose hope in a bright future.

Darkness out of nowhere
A screenshot of the terrors of Maira

Amidst this despair, there was one kingdom where people could still maintain asemblance of normality of the world that used to be, living in love and prosperity. Sheltered from evil, this kingdom would give the people a chance to recover and find solace from the darkness that shattered their lives.

The name of this kingdom was Aclendi.

Light of hope
A screenshot of the main character
The Apprentice is born

One day, a Prince was born in the royal family someone with true heart.

A fearless young man who is ready to strike back at the darkness that befell the world.

The name of this man is Landon!

Years later, the great king died defending Aclendi from the forces of evil. Both Landon and his mother, the much respected Queen Licy, attended the funeral, head bowed near the casket of the great king. But without notice, the Queen vanished in the middle of the ceremony, causing everyone to panic. Lost for words and now feeling stranded in his own home, Prince Landon rushed back to the castle, only to find a letter handwritten by his mother, lying on a dresser table in the living room.

The death of the king
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It begins

Your time has come. You are the son of the Queen of Aclendi, whose ancestry is indistinct. She sends you out to „Dormum“ the home of the wizards.

There you will be subjected to trials which will awake your slumbering powers. With your new abilities you will be able to oppose the evil forces. But be warned, this is not the end of your journey. A long adventure awaits you full of mysticsm where nothing is what it seems. Behold, in a world where darkness seeks to overwhelm, you will not prevail with skills and superhuman powers only. Prepare for the ultimate challenge!

Are you ready for a journey beyond your imagination
Welcome to Maira
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