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potion (show globe)

There are 5 Slots that can be filled with ingredients to activate effects.


The Show Globe is a potion that can be used universal. You only need this potion to buff, heal, refresh mana etc. On your way, you will find different herbs. These herbs are ingredients and can be put in the Show Globe which is then indicated with a color.


After the ingredient has been put in a slot, the effect can be used in combat by pressing G on the keyboard or directly in the Inventory by pressing on the glass bar. It is also possible to mix two effects in one single slot to activate two effects at the same time.


If you mix two different types of herbs the bar will be split in the middle. In this case we have combined Mana and Health. In some circumstances this might be helpful but in general it is uneffective.

There are other types of herbs with various effects that are more effective to combine. Try out various mixtures to see what fits best for you.

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