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prince landon

Story of Landon

Landon is a polite and resourceful young man, but sometimes he can be troublesome. While his shoes are made from expensive leather, they are worn from years of use. Over the years he has meticulously taken care of them so as not to have the need to spend money on another pair. Like his shoes, his clothes are worn and patched but they are what he is happiest with. He can easily get new armor for upgrading, but he takes great care of it. Landon is confused about the information he is receiving concerning his mother. He is also worried about what has happened to her and why she had to leave so suddenly. He continually looks at his letter from her for clues.

Landon fighting a Xynixe

Suddenly appearing enemies don't scare Landon. He keeps cool while others would run away.

Landon using a fireball spell

He is born with magic powers but still has to learn to use them effectively.

Landon using an ice spell

Landon is aware of his enormous powers and he would take up with every enemy.

Landon inside a cave

Although he is not underestimating the danger before him, he doesn't know that this journey has more in store for him than he could have imagined.

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