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The „Skills“ page show you which skills you have learned.

Magic: Elemental Spells 

Tech: Physical Techniques 

Legacy: not included in version 0.0.1

Destiny Board: not included in version 0.0.1

Skill plates
Fire HUD icon

Fire Spell that has a chance to cause the „Burn“ Status Effect.

Ice HUD icon

Ice Spell that has a chance to cause a „Frozen“ Status Effect and slows down enemies.

Blink HUD icon

Blink Tech that charges you forward.

Time Freeze HUD icon

Time-Freeze slows down the character and everything around for a short time. Your character is slightly faster than your enemies.



Elements overview

The Resistance table shows you how resistant you are against the elements: Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Ice and Air. The numbers are calculated in percentage.

Spell Tier

Each element has a tier. By using spells more often they will increase.
Higher tiers have the following effects:

- increase of magic damage
- increase of resistance
- higher chance to activate element „Status Effects“ on enemies

Landon casting a fireball spell

Status Effect example: Fire Burning Tick that deals each second a percentage value of Fire Element Damage and stuns the enemy while burning is active.

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